Wednesday, August 19, 2015

IPitomy's Powerful Managed Firewall/Router

VoIP is taking the telecommunications industry by storm, and with good reason. Cutting edge features and cost savings are just a couple of reasons VoIP will continue to dominate new telecommunications system deployments. Whether you are using a premise based IP-PBX or a Cloud based, the ability to monitor and shape your Internet traffic is critical for VoIP call quality. IPitomy is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a pure VoIP company in more than one way, one of them being the launch of its new managed firewall/router.

Diagnostic Dashboard

IPitomy has partnered with a router manufacturer to offer one of the most robust managed firewall/routers on the market. The router, aside from being a robust 24/7 monitored and updated firewall, also provides many other features such as 3 levels of VoIP packet traffic shaping. The traffic shaping ensures that VoIP traffic always has priority over other data traffic going in and out over your WAN connection. Three levels of optimization, normal, moderate and aggressive allows you to dial in the router depending on the Internet connection you have available. Bandwidth can fluctuate on Internet connections causing issues with VoIP if the bandwidth falls below the necessary capacity it can cause issues. For example, one company complained of intermittent poor call quality. Normal bandwidth tests indicated no issue. Using the router they found that there were times where the increased usage of the business's bandwidth coincided with reduced bandwidth on their Internet cable connection depending on the time of day. This caused loss of audio during those times. By enabling the VoIP traffic shaping we were able to give more priority to the VoIP traffic during these times, eliminating the poor call quality issue. By having this information they were also able to contact the Internet carrier and show that their bandwidth quality was not consistent.

Router Threat Map
Security is an issue that can no longer be ignored. Every day we hear of companies being breached by hackers, Target and the Federal Government for example are just two recent breaches that made the news. Many business owners do not know that over 60% of business that are breached go out of business within 6 months of the breach. SMBs are the target of most hackers. IPitomy's firewall protects unwanted hackers from breaching your network. The firewall is constantly updated to provide the latest protection from security threats. Additional services such as multilevel content filtering are also very effective in maintaining a secure and optimal functioning network.

Diagnostic charts
Diagnostic functionality on this router is second to none. An intuitive dashboard offers a birds eye view of the health of your network, and the dashboard buttons allow you to drill down to get more detailed information. The diagnostics offer both summary and detailed reports allowing for example to see the overall MOS score averaged over time, or an individual MOS score for each VoIP call made on the network. This takes the guess work out of finding poor quality calls and determining the cause. For example, it is easy to see the termination information on the calls and determine if the poorer sounding calls are cell phones, or specific carriers. Other diagnostic features include packet loss, jitter, and latency monitoring as well as real time and historical bandwidth usage. The router will also determine any loss of connectivity to the Internet allowing you to go back to your ISP and get it resolved. Alerts can be sent to predetermined email addresses informing the recipient of network problems.

Call details

There are also some powerful features that will appeal to many types of businesses. Optional HIPPA and PCI compliance reporting informs you of policy violations so you can correct them promptly. These two features appeal to the medical vertical and any business using credit card services over the Internet. Traffic shaping also gives priority to credit card transactions. The router is automatically updated with the latest HIPA and PCI standards. Both PCI and HIPPA reporting includes summary and detailed reports to ensure compliance. For those looking to bridge networks together from several locations, vMPLS is an option that can be added which will reduce costs for those businesses paying large sums of money each month for traditional MPLS circuits. vMPLS can bridge the routers together over different ISPs.

Finally, the hot fail-over option on the router ensures that you are never without service should an Internet outage occur. A second WAN port or a 4G wireless port can be enabled on the router to offer you Internet redundancy. When coupled with IPitomy's robust SIP trunk packages, calls can be instantly routed over to the secondary Internet connection allowing your company to keep your telecommunications operations on the grid.

If you are looking for the latest in VoIP communications look no further than IPitomy. For more information contact IPitomy or an IPitomy dealer for a demonstration.

Router/firewall options include:

Intrusion Detection (iDS)
Cloud IDS (IDS)
Global Real-time Rules
Historical Bandwidth Usage
Content Filtering
Proxy ARP
Auto VoIP Traffic Shaping
Cloud Provisioning
VoIP MOS Scoring and Call Detail
LAN and WAN Direct PCAP
Lifelong Change Log
Real-time Alerts and Pager
Memory Usage Monitoring
Power Supply Voltage Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
ARP Table Tracking and Connectivity Testing
Auto Speed Test and Calibration
Network Health Tools
Multi-path Diagnostic Tools
Advanced WAN Connectivity Testing/Tracking
Real-time Attack and Threat Map
DNS Forwarder
Proxy ARP
Port Forwarding
1:1 NAT
Multiple DHCP Servers
Troubleshooting VPN Port
Multi-level User Access
Verizon 4G Failover
Dual WAN Ethernet Failover
Jitter and Latency Tracking
Device Lcation Geocoding
Bandwidth Throughput Statistics
Port Monitoring
VLAN 801q Tagging
PCI and HIPPA Compliance Reporting
Traffic Type Tracking
LAN Traffic Source Tracking
Sync Tracking
Static Routes
Real-time Attempted Intrusion Report

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