Tuesday, December 8, 2015

IPitomy Communicator: Executive Softphone

Business in today's world is all about mobility. The ability to work from the office, from home, from the coffee shop or anywhere with high speed internet for that matter, is in demand. IPitomy's powerful soft-phone application designed for Windows is the ultimate tool for those on the go.

See who is on the phone and chat! 
The IPitomy Communicator is an executive soft-phone that gives you access to all of the powerful features available on the IPitomy pure IP- PBX. In the Cloud or on premise, you have visibility to everyone on the PBX, allowing you to see who is on the phone at any given time. Up to 8 calls can be made at a time and the phone can even be registered to more than one PBX. An integrated chat application allows you to communicate with co-workers even if they are on the phone. Call management is easily accessed by right clicking on your co-worker allowing you to select a variety of options such as, blind transfer, attended transfer, transfer to voicemail, page and call pickup. The Communicator has a set of embedded key functions such as mute, call record, do not disturb and forwarding. A set of seven customize-able buttons allows you to easily access park orbits, voicemail, or speed dials. The right side of the Communicator can be detached and the footprint can be customized to any computer screen.

Park a Call.
Detach and customize the footprint of the call manager portion of the softphone. 

There are a variety of headset options that can be paired with the Communicator. The first option allows you to plug a headset and microphone into the headset and microphone inputs on your laptop. IPitomy has also developed integration with the Jabra Pro 930 with a USB connection. Volume settings are found on the left and right side of the dial pad.

Jabra Pro 930 integrates easily!

In addition to these functions IPitomy has integrated a contact program which allows users to import their Outlook contacts or a .csv contact list. Users can also add in their personal contacts individually. This allows users to easily dial their contacts from a searchable contact list. Users who dial from websites or other documents will love the integrated 'clip to dial' feature which allows users to swipe their mouse over a phone number and hit a hot key on their keyboard to dial. A rich call history log keeps a record of all of your calls displaying 'call-to/from information, call duration, name and number.

Finally, Communicator users can pair their soft-phone with their IPitomy desk phone allowing them to choose where they want to answer their calls. The flexible 'Follow Me' functionality also allows for a myriad of call routing options that can be customized on the go. For those working from a laptop on their travels, the IPitomy Communicator is a dream come true!


1. Is there a popup for incoming calls?
Answer: Yes you can enable screen pops on incoming calls, and you have a few options to choose to from!

2, Can I see when I have a voicemail?
Answer: Yes, you will see an envelope on the display which can then be clicked to listen to your voicemails.

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